summer jobs

Why everyone should consider a Gap Program

Special Gap Year Programs Benefit ManyGap year and gap semester programs have always been very popular in Europe and are quickly gaining popularity in the U.S. For some students, this hiatus from the lock step march through their academic careers provides a timely opportunity to tackle new challenges, pursue passions and become more self-confident, self-sufficient and self-aware through travel, work, study and community service. These benefits of a gap program are well-recited, but there are less obvious yet equally compelling reasons to take advantage of this experience.

Finding the right balance

Recalling when summer meant a break from stress Exams are finished, the next SAT isn't until the fall, and there's nothing to do for the next three months except sleep late, read trashy novels, and hang out with friends. Unless you're like many of our clients and have summer days filled with internships, college visits, and resume building volunteer work. Our message to you - keep busy, keep happy, and, above all, keep balanced. Summer is the time to explore new interest and try new experiences, but it's also an important time for rest and renewal.