Allison’s guidance through the college application process was invaluable and benefitted our family enormously. Her approach is comprehensive and individualized, full of wisdom, care, and follow-through on details large and small. Allison gave our two very different children the tools they needed to succeed in their very different college searches. Through interviews and discussions, she learned all there was to know about each of them and moved from there to providing unique counsel on the college process as it related specifically to them. From helping to determine an initial college list, including Ivy League and international schools, to helping our children choose between multiple acceptance offers, she was there for us every step of the way and just as we needed – sometimes behind-the-scenes talking to us as parents, and sometimes front-and-center working with our children. We are enormously satisfied with the result: both our children off to their top-pick schools!
— Parents from Boston, MA

We first contacted Allison after a strong recommendation from a family friend who is the head of admissions at a well-known New England private school; our friend said that she would use Allison for her own kids if need be. What a perfect recommendation! Allison is a consummate professional: she responds promptly and individually, is always on her game, and acts ethically and transparently at all times. We were most impressed by how Allison really took the time to get to know our daughter as an individual, asked all the right questions about our search (many of which we had not thought to engage with previously), and gave expert, knowledgeable advice. And when she didn’t know something, she would admit she didn’t know it, and then go find out for us. Further, it was clear that the admissions representatives at the schools knew Allison, respected her, and were eager to listen to her opinion as well. As neophytes to the world of boarding schools, we really appreciated how Allison took the time to explain each step to us, walked us through what we did not know, and gave expert perspective on each school and its fit with our daughter. We also really appreciated how Allison took extra steps, like calling each school before our daughter applied to see if they might also think she was a good fit, and followed-up with phone calls to the admissions offices after interviews. In the end, Allison made us feel like we were the only family she was working with and that we were her top priority, and I am sure every other family who was working with her felt the same way. We have a younger daughter, and if she ends up applying to boarding schools in a few years, Allison will be the first person I call.
— Ex-Pat Parents living in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Allison Matlack did a wonderful job helping our son through his college application process. She developed an independent working relationship with him, helped him to set objectives, and kept him on track. Allison was particularly good at helping our son identify what was important to him and understand how various colleges were or were not able to meet those objectives. He developed a well-considered list of potential colleges and was quite confident about his reasons for wanting each of the institutions on that list. His clarity and confidence shown through in his applications and in the resulting offers of admission. He was able to choose from a number of colleges that would have been a good fit for him, and both he and we were very confident about his final choice. We were grateful for Allison’s guidance for us and the working relationship she developed with our son. Most importantly, he grew in the process: what he learned about himself and who he is, and about how to set goals and organize a long complex process, was invaluable. We recommend Allison very highly.
— Parents from Brookline, MA

Working with Allison for our twin daughters alleviated much of the stress that can be associated with the college application process. We felt like we had a much better handle on the entire process and we never worried about missing a deadline. Our daughters finished their applications early and they each applied to excellent schools that were good matches for their interests, abilities, and personalities, In the end, they were both had wonderful options to choose from. As first years, our daughters are each very happy at the schools they chose and they’re thriving academically and personally. We recommend Allison very highly — she has an excellent way of handling teenagers…and their parents!
— Parents from Syracuse, NY