Independent School Admission 2015-2016: What you can do now

Are you starting to consider enrolling your child in an independent school in the fall of 2015? It’s not too early to begin the process. There are two important steps you can take now:

First, start to get a “feel” for schools by attending open houses this spring. Visit for a listing of upcoming open houses in your area.

Second, give your child an opportunity to “practice” taking the SSAT. The SSAT is an admissions test required by many independent schools but, unlike the SAT, there are no “unofficial” SSAT tests for students to take as practice. As such, we encourage students to take the SSAT this spring to get a sense of the content and timing of the test.  From your child’s scores we will be better able to gauge how much, if any, test preparation is needed and on which sections that energy should be focused. So, if your child will be submitting an application for Fall, 2015 entrance, now is a great time to try out the SSAT. AHP is offering a small-group SSAT Flex Test on April 5, 2014.  Learn more here: or call Hannah Pierpont at 978-261-1402.