Important Changes at AHP

The new year brings many changes to AHP Educational Consulting. As many of you know, in September Tim Lee began working part-time and Allison Matlack assumed the position of full time director of educational services. Enjoying time with his family and wanting time to explore other opportunities, Tim retired from AHP on December 20th. While his collegiality and good humor are missed tremendously, after 22 years at AHP Tim leaves behind a strong legacy of dedicated service to his clients and a reputation for excellence in the industry. As our practice continues to evolve, we are very pleased to announce that Hannah Pierpont has joined us as the Assistant to Educational Consulting beginning January 6th. Having worked in the admissions offices at St. Lawrence University and Pine Manor College, Hannah has intimate knowledge of college admissions. She has also served as Director of Recruitment in the Office of Career Services at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and will be helping our college clients write their resumes and hone their interviewing skills. We are excited about the skills, experiences, and enthusiasm that Hannah brings to her work at AHP.

We're looking forward to an exciting year of change and growth at AHP and of continued work with wonderful clients, friends, and colleagues.