How do I choose?

Determining which college’s offer of admission to accept is a highly personal decision, but there are some factors that don’t merit much weight: DON’T select a college for its perceived prestige.  Focus instead on the quality of the particular program/course of study that you are interested in and the opportunities offered.

DON’T select a college because you believe it will guarantee you job placement. What you know and how you can apply that knowledge (not where you learned it) will help you most in landing a job. That said, do your homework: visit the career services department, learn more about the number and variety of internships offered in your area of study and learn more about the scope of services they provide.

DON’T select a college for the social opportunities. Find a college with students with different backgrounds and experiences but who share your interests and values. If you go to school with people you like and admire, your social life will take care of itself.

DON’T select a college because your friends are going there or it’s the hot school right now. Find the school that is right for you in all the ways that are important to YOU.

Most importantly, DO attend the revisit days! The most important piece of data that you can only get on a revisit day is a sense of who your classmates will be. Go and meet them. If they seem like people you’d enjoy spending four years with, you may have found your college.