Finish Strong, Juniors!

I think that it could be fairly argued that never is more expected of students than in the spring of the junior year. Never again will they be taking 5 core academic subjects and expected to be highly and evenly proficient across all areas of study.  Never again will they have so many standardized tests (SATs, ACTs, and APs) and final exams administered in the same narrow 4-block window. And never again will they have to do this while navigating the social complexities of a junior prom. On top of all of this, the college process pulls on their time, attention, and energy. It’s no wonder that juniors start to show signs of fatigue this time of year. And now, what are we going to say to you? Finish strong. This is, after all, the “semester that really counts” as colleges look to see how students are maturing as scholars (and athletes, artists, leaders, and so on) and what you can do when the demands on your intellect and abilities is increased. You’ve worked hard all year, so keep up your pace as you near the finish line.

But we also want to make sure that you are keeping yourself healthy.  As important as studying is, getting plenty of sleep, exercising , and eating well are as important to your success. Work hard, but make your health a priority.

When you’ve crossed the finish line on the last day of school, celebrate! You’ve probably gone through the most demanding period of your education. Unless you’re planning on going off to medical school, that is, but that’s another story for another time.