Early applications deserve careful consideration

Early Action Could Aid in Admission, Report Finds With November 1 just a few days away, we're very busy helping our clients meet Early Application deadlines. However, despite evidence that it might be easier to be admitted in this round of decisions, the choice to apply early isn't that simple. First, it can be argued that those students who submit early apps are some of the strongests candidates because they dont' need grades from fall and winter terms to demonstate their full academic potential. Second, while the decision to apply ED must be made with thought and care because it is binding, the decision to apply EA, while non-binding should not be made lightly. To "just get the process over with" is not sufficient justification. We find that students lose momentum after they submit their early applications, which can lead to disasterous results if they are not accepted. And, for many reasons, students may be able to present a stronger application if they wait for the Regular Decision deadlins.

So, while in many cases submitting college applications can be the best choice, don't go into the decision without giving it careful thought.