School's Out for Summer!

School’s Out For Summer!

The school year is wrapping up and you are undoubtedly looking forward to getting a break from your routine and the daily responsibilities of the busy school calendar.  Summer is a great time to slow down your pace, relax, and get some well deserved rest. It can also be an ideal time to focus on specific activities or goals you can’t fit into your crowded academic schedule.

Summer can be an opportunity for tremendous personal growth and engagement and for you to devote time and energy to your personal priorities and interests.  The unstructured calendar of summer vacation provides valuable time to develop new skills, explore interests in depth, spend time on hobbies, or dig deeper into your passions.  It’s a good time to consider what personal growth means to you.

Academic Enrichment:

Follow some intellectual pursuits through specific programs at schools, leadership programs, academic camps, classes at a local college, on-line travel, and even summer reading. Engaging with material and people who share your interests can provide a powerful learning environment and be a lot of fun!

Get a job!

Jobs offer so much more than the chance to earn a little cash.  Every job presents opportunities to take on new responsibilities, learn new skills, master time management, collaborate with others, and stimulate your intellectual, creative, or service-minded self.

Be Creative:

Joining a local theater company or taking an art class are just two ways you can satisfy your creative side. Taking a photography class, trying a new instrument or studying painting can be easier and more rewarding during the summer months when you can concentrate and focus on your craft. If you are a DIY person, make sure you have something to show for the time you spent on your creative achievement.

Serve Others:

The change of pace during the summer can be a great time to give your time and attention to helping others.  Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, senior centers, and animal shelters are always looking for a helping hand. There may be plenty of opportunities in your neighborhood as well, such as tutoring, babysitting, working at the local library, or helping neighbors with yard work.  All of these activities help you gain valuable experience, confidence, and reduce stress.

Taking advantage of the summer to pursue your interests and passions can be rewarding for self discovery, personal growth, and fun!  Think about how you want to grow as a person, and find those activities that are interesting and fulfilling. You will meet different people who can change your view of the world.