The ACT announces a bold new move

In a fairly dramatic move, the ACT has just announced that, beginning next September, students will be able to retake a single section of the ACT rather than having to sit through the entire exam in an effort to raise their scores. This will allow students to focus their energies when preparing for the test and, on that Saturday morning, to spend less time taking the test. In fact, the ACT will be expanding the options for students to take the test online which would allow test-takers to receive their scores in two days.

Of course, students should remember that while they can adopt new strategies for preparing for and taking the ACT that might well work to their advantage, in the end, test scores are only one piece of a student’s application and, at some point, their time will be better spent focusing on schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and even getting a good night’s sleep. All these things will make a student a stronger applicant.